Sunday, 30 March 2014


We reiceved a good new about a change in association this week.
For this reason the name of association substituted in: ATÖLYE DENEME SANAT ve EKOLOJİK ÇALIŞMALAR DERNEĞİ (Atolye Deneme sanat and ecological studies).

As I wrote in some posts before, we started to be interested in hand made, recycle and "do-it-yourself" in general.
I think this is the beginning for a new works that wants to include art and nature.

Indeed we sketch another activity to intruduce this innovation: it is a new stop motion video about this topic.
We, or to be more exact, the youngsters with my help, firstly we wrote a subject, then we choose which technique to use and in the end we start to create the set with papers, colours to give the impression of animation.

Actually we are just in the beginning of the work, I wish we'll complete this video before my departure!

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Reflection Time

I used to write about my activities week by week, but for my project I have to write a little bit more for this blog so this is the best moment to write such a thing.

My life has changed during these months. Of course everything changed: city, friends, work and culture.

In the beginning I was shocked, life here is very slow or maybe just more intensive, it depends of the point of view.

I perceive this in the daily life but also in my work and in the relationships.
Maybe is a little bit difficult to understand what I say but it is always difficult to understand emotions.
I don't know if this sensation is good or bad, maybe both of them but it depends of the day.

I started to have some questions for myself in the last period, actually because I have just one month left to spend in Turkey and I have in my mind one graphic that some trainers showed me during my on arrival training: the first phase of EVS is discovery, the second is "depression" and in the end becoming familiar with the country. Is it possible that my graphic of life might have a different combination?

Yes, i know that my posts are better when I write about my activities, but I have already written about this topic. Hence, this post It is just because I have to write something :)

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Puppet Show!

Finally the spring is coming in Izmir, hence we don't have reasons to stay at home!
We decided to go to a Puppet Show in forum Bornova last Sunday.
Actually this festival started in the beginnig of March and the youngsters and me also went to Müzesi Kültürpark Sanat Galerisi to watch "Karagöz ve Hacivat'ın Bilmece Yarışması" some weeks before. The show was in Turkish, so I don't know extactly what the story was about but Elif tried to explain the topic of the show to me and after that I realized that the characters are two important figures of Turkish theatre.

For this reason we also decided to go to another show last weekend in Forum Bornova.
That time was better for me because it was in English and of course there was a woman who translated this in Turkish.
The guy that moved the puppets was from Slovenia and the name of the show was "Dikkat Geyik". The youngsters and me enjoyed!

Furthermore, the puppets of this show are totally low cost, he uses socks, spuns and other stuffs, therefore all together was in syntony with our ideas from the last period!

As I said, the weather is getting better these days and after the show we searched a park in Bornova and we made a Picnic plus an Italian lesson but the youngsters were a lttle bit distracted because of the good weather so we changed our minds and we walked around to make some photos :)

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Magic Istanbul

I chose to take some days off last week  to go in Istanbul for my first time.
I can understand now when some people said to me "Istanbul is so crowd!". Actually my first impression was: this city is crazy, traffic, people, totally chaos!
But of course, It isn't just like this!
Istanbul is a magic city, with an important history and you can feel this tradition just walking around Sultanahmet.
Like every big city, every zone is different: a lot of tourism in Sultanahmet and Taksim, and if you pass the Bosforo to go in the Asian Part the atmosphere totally changes: young people, a lot of bars and, as we commonly say, "underground" environment.

I was in Istanbul just for three days and I hope to come back again before the end of my project because I think i have already  seen just the commons things and I would like to discovered more!

By the way, I was lucky for these days first because the weather was pretty good and second because I found Picasso exhibition, with a section that I didn't know very well about sketchs in different phases of the artist's life.

It was a super cool holiday!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

"I cento Passi"

One of my tasks for this Evs is to let the children know more about my country.
I'm from Sicily and one big problem for us,is the Mafia in the present but in the past expecially
I Don't know what the children know about this, but the most part of the people know Mafia through the movie "The Godfather".
Of course "The Goddfather" is a good movie, but first the story is fictionalized and the reality that we live in Italy, and particularity in Sicily is totally different, and second the family Corleone (many people here asked me if I know them, I'm not joking) lives in New York!

For this reason I choosed to show to the children one movie that tell a real story about this problem: "I cento passi".
Why I decided to show them this problem through this film and not with a lesson about this?
Because it is so difficult to explain what the Mafia is by only speaking, with the images and a story they can learn more.
The movie tell about Peppino Impastato, a young man that live near to Palermo and he tries to fight against the Mafia for many years, but the stories of the big men never ends in a good way.
I don't want tell you the whole story but if you're interested I recommend the viewing.

The children were touched from the story and for sure they know something more about this topic now.

Is it a little bit strange that I publish this post when in Turkey in these days there's an other important question.
Everywhere innocents people die for somethig: Mafia, police, government and more.. this is a problem of the humanity.
Fortunatelly almost all of us think different and fight for our rights and against injustices.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


After my week in Tangala Eco farm in Fethiye I have started to be interested in hand made and crafts. Therefore, my last post was about Hand made because I want to give this passion to the kids.

I think it is an important life style, you can do everything by yourself or almost like that and then you can be satisfied because it is something that grows up from your hands.

Then we continued with Italian lesson with me and French lessons with Umut last weekend, and after I said "Ekmek yapıyorum!" They looked at me a little bit strange and I explained to them if someone was interested to do the bread.

All the time I'm surprised from their passion, everything for them is interesting!

They are also very good students, specially for their creativity and their curiosity and this is clear during the languages lesson.

I also started a Turkish course and just now I figured out how difficult is to learn a language so different than mine.

One of the activities I prepared for the kids was giving to them a piece of paper with an Italian song without some words so that first they listened to the song and afterwards they filled in the blanks completing the text. Of course they had made some mistakes but the result was not bad.
I did the same during my Turkish course and my result was a disaster: only two corrects words!

I have more to learn from them!