Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Since I have been arrived in Izmir, my eye of graphic designer is tickled by a big red minimal poster. One long black mustache and a white thin handtype. Over a big tint area of colours. Strong, nice, and quite unique in the Turkish visual landscape. Quite simply the poster of the current “Salvador Dali Zodyak” exhibition. It is rather fun because, at the same in Paris, is also presented a retrospective about the artist. I missed it but here was the way to catch up! And finally, after a few weeks, we went to the “Ahmed Adnan Saygun Sanat Merkzi” (AASSM), Izmir’s art centre, on the 9th February.

If the name of Dali is familiar to me, I have to say that I really didn’t know his work. Unfortunately, here was only showed a small part, focused on the Zodyak series. I didn’t think he was such a drawer. In fact, two kinds of work faced each other: one first more expressionist, about colour, and a second oriented on the line, black and white lithography on coloured background. I was disappointed by the quite lack of text, which let me a little perplexed. If we obviously can detect in his work some qualities, I would have been very interested by the themes behind the masterpieces, which reflection and which position in comparison to Art History.

The building of the AASSM was rather impressive, spacious and modern, which maybe accentuated the rarity of the selected canvas. Moreover, it was a long trip from Karşıyaka, and under a bad weather. So even if I haven’t regretted to come, I confess it was not so good as I thought! 

Sunday, 17 February 2013

The Mask

Two weeks ago, I lead my first own workshop! To be honest, we realized it together with Sezen but the original idea was from me (ok, not exactly because I was inspired by Saul Steinberg’s work, but this is another story!). And this is something that I appreciate in “Atölye Deneme Sanat”, I feel them really open to my ideas. Although I have been there since only a month, I can really find my place!

And so, on that Monday, we have proposed to the youth to make craft paper masks. After small morning brainstorming with Sezen, looking for a way to build paper pocket, I showed to the youth how to realize it. Brown paper, cutter, glue and a pair of hands. And 14 eyes pointed on me… gloups! But I succeeded in. My mock-up should be not too wrong. And I also handed over to the youth who have started on the manufacture of their pocket.

This first step done without problem, realization of mask could really start, and the youth have begun to draw. Eyes, mouth, nose, hair, the idea was here to realize portraits (next time are planned kind of monsters masks), but without real confines. They were free to express their creativity and I was not disappointed by results! It was quite interesting to see how each child take up the work: some are very impulsive, drawing with energy whereas others are more cautious or meticulous, sketching a lot before to realize their final piece. 

The fact remains that at the end, we got a nice masks’ bevy that we immortalized in a small photo shoot session. It was the occasion for children to apprehender camera, some of them having never handled this kind of devices.

Even if it is still hard for now to establish real contact with the youth, because of my insufficient Turkish, it was a good day, and a parallel way to share something together!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Full schedule!

Since a week, holidays have begun. I mean for children. Because for us volunteers of the association, it is full-time work, 5 days a week in Konak’s office. Don’t worry, I say “work” but it is a way of speaking, I can assure you I knew worst jobs!

For example, it is the first time that I daily go across the sea to work. Thanks to ferry. And it is really more appreciable than Parisian underground. I confess that I enjoy more the sea sprays than the piss smells.

Anyway, each day, the youths come and enjoy a different workshop. Painting, music, drawing, cinema, each time, one member of the association leads an activity related to his speciality. Take this week. On Monday, Sezen animated a hand-made jewellery workshop. 

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Açelya let the youths discover music from the whole Turkey –thanks to a movie–, made their ears sensitive by listening and analyze of precise songs, and finally taught them music theory. 

And I showed them a daily objects music short-movie (“Music for one apartment).

On Thursday, Sezen and I offered them drawing exercises by several hands creation (two teams, one sheet of paper for each, which they exchange every two minutes, continuing the drawings from the others).

And finally, on Friday, Sebnem showed them different short-movies about which they also discussed.

And now, at the end of the week, I realise the diversity of the works done, and find it great. It is a wealthy opportunity for this group of children to discover multiple approaches of art universe, and for free. While spending good time with friends! What more can you ask?

ps : on Wednesday, we celebrated Açe's birthday, and even if the real day is on 21st of January, I tell it again : "doğum günün kutlu olsun Açe" ! :)