Monday, 23 December 2013

Week-end with Atolye Deneme

I introduce you to Mehmet, Buse, Elif and Ayşenur, I'll work with them during my project.
When I met them for the first time, i asked myself : " How can I communicate with them? I don't speak Turkish and they don't speak English!".
But the language isn't important when you work on art!
Before I begin to teach them Italian lesson, I was happy to see that the guys had an Italian dictonary and some applications on their mobile telephones.

Since I came here, we have been in two film festivals : "Izmir short Film Festival" and "Human Rights Festival". It was nice to realise that we have same opinions about these movies and they will study art, cinema or theatre in the future.

I have started my second project this week-end. This is the Map Project for young travellers in Izmir. This project is a part of a European network which makes the city more visibile particularly on art and culture environment.
Atolye Deneme's waiting for confirmation to start this work, but we're optimistic about this and we wish to be first city in Turkey with this map!

I had introduced to Atolye Deneme this work and the others guys were enthusiastic and then, I have met other two volunteers to help me on this.
This sunday we have walked around Izmir's seafront and we have checked the first places to insert into the map, and we've trasformed a simple walk in a working evening, and I found an opportunity to learn some Turkish words.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

My first month in Izmir

Merhaba! Finally my EVS starts!

For the first time I introduce myself. I'm Federica and I'm 25 years old and I come from Italy,  graduated in March 2013 in Cinema and Art.
When my studies finished my desire was to travel and to instill my passions and my hobbies in different coultures.
For this reason I moved for EVS's adventure and my chance was to try this project with "Atolye Deneme" in Izmir.

This's my first time in Turkey and I think this is a special opportunity to know a different country, this mounth was a continuos discovery!
I love the city's environment, çay's and narghilè's smell, to look everyday the sea,take the ferry to move in the city, awake to Mosque's prayer and seagulls's shout.

I've more projects for these 5 months: on the first time I will be discovered this city and this culture, I will to deny some Italian's prejudices for Turkish culture. Then it's my project in Atolye Deneme, I will organize a photography's workshop and even important is to know my team, with there I communicate with Turkish-Italian lessons.

These months will be very intense, and I want to spent my days as best I can. This first month is finishing and I don't want remorses abount my time with this opportunity!