Wednesday, 30 April 2014

My Last week-end with Atolye Deneme

This was my last week-end with Atolye Deneme.
Was difficult say Goodbye to Buse, Ayşenur and Elif, but I hope we can meet again in the future.

So we spent these last two days completing our Stop Motion's project, watching a Italian film, with my recommendation at the youngers to continue to discover Italian film culture, Buse teached me to cook Börek and on Sunday we planned to go in Bostanli to rent the bikes.
Unfortunately a lot of people had the same idea, that's why was not possible for us.
Then We decided to enjoy from the beautiful weather, walking in the seaside, making photos and talking about these five months.

I'm sure I'm going to miss them too much, but this is the life and this would be a new start for me and for the youngers too.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Our last project!

Me and the kids worked on Stop motion's video last week-end.
As I wrote in my last post, It is a long process that's why we need too much time!
We compleated one scene about contamination in the sea: we used plastic bottles to make fishes, color paper and we tried to make a blue light to give a sea atmosphere.
I hope, after this week end our project will be done!

While the kids continued to create this video I decided to photograph their faces, They didn't realize this so their expressions are very natural!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Two more weeks to go

The time goes by and I'm at the end of my project, I have just two weeks left and a booked flight for Italy waiting for me in May.
This is just a consideration because I can talk about  the 'spacial thanks' in another post.
I'm sorry to not have spent a lot of time with the teenagers I worked with, two days a week are not enough; that's why I want that these last two week-ends could be more intense.
First I want to tell them more about Italy, my culture and our life style; I started this topic five months ago, through songs, movies, language lessons and food.
The good thing is that both the Italian and Turkish culture share a lot in common: we together understood our Mediterranean similarities and differences.
And of course I think we can considerate our countries neighbours!

So last week-end, followed by the teenagers’ request, we watched a old Italian movie, "Mamma Roma" .  The teenagers are very interested in cinema and I'm happy to share my countries’ cinematographic culture.

Then, according to my last project we continue with a Stop motion's video about Eco Life.
This is my last workshop with the kids I guess, I don't have too much time anymore and the elaboration of this video It is a long process.
In fact we want the video to be good for two reasons: first of all it will be in the new association's profile, actually this video should be a new presentation of Atolye Deneme about Eco Life; second of all we found a Short movie contest and the teenagers’ idea is to participate with this video.

I think the video will come out great!

Sunday, 6 April 2014


Me and the youngers continued with stop motion video this week end.
For this work we need much time because we decided to use only drawings.
We finished the first scene and we started the second today, but in total it last just 1 minute!

I think when this video will be finished will be pretty great!
For now you can see some photos from our backstage :)

Thursday, 3 April 2014