Tuesday, 26 March 2013

“Seul au monde”

Last weekend, as every Saturday and Sunday, I went to the “Atölye”. Except that this time, I was entirely alone with the youth! And in spite of some language difficulties, it was a great moment. For the first time, I had the feeling of a real exchange between children and me. There was no buffer person, and so were forced to communicate, whatever the cost. We also were helped by the activity I lead, a French lesson. And step-by-step, we understood each other, with a kind of Esperanto, based on Turkish, English and French. Children can now easily answer to the question “quelle heure est-il ?” and some other French basics!

I really care about the second activity I have been started on, even if this was more difficult to lead. My precise demands suffer of my bad Turkish, and so it is hard to share what I exactly want. Anyway, inspired by a book of Vincent Pianina, I made them beginning a comic book centred on stains. The stain is multiplied and is used as a creative confine to produce a short story. It was a way to introduce them to stencil, which is an easy and cheap copy system. And here again, in spite of difficulties, helped by our Esperanto, we managed to move forward. And I think that, within a few weeks, we will get a great result! 

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

"I made a dream"

This morning, I was in "Chili"! Sorry, “Çiğli. The Izmir’s district where we go to school. Indeed, as every week, today was school time. Because I missed last Thursday, Sezen has started to lead her new own project. Dreams. First part was about drawing your last dream. Today concerned dreams you have for future. I don’t know if it is my hippie soul, but I was convinced that their projects would be turned to a warless world, and other kinds of  “good thoughts”. But their desires were more “self-centred”, dealing with finding love, wedding or meeting the “One Direction” band! Anyways, children’s artwork is always surprising, and even full of defects, inspiring. So, in spite of the lack of communication, still burdensome, this kind of mornings is always rewarding.

Friday, 1 March 2013

“Return to school”

This morning, we found our way back to school and could start workshops with the “Çifte Havuzlar Ilköğretim Okulu” children. Their holidays ended up last week and that is why we have offered them their first activity of this semester together, a multiple “cadavre-exquis” (exquisite-corpse).

It is a drawing-game I used to play during my graphic studies, and after different tests with the youth of “Atölye”, we knew that it was a good start to socialize with pupils. I briefly sum up here the main steps. The idea is to create a common drawing without seeing what the previous partner did before the end. So you draw your part and then fold the paper, after what you give it to your beside friend. The whole work finished, you revealed it by popular surprise!

Facing 17 children, we separated them in 2 groups of 6 persons and 1 of 5, and gave a sheet of paper to everybody. Put in circle, the pupils drew during around 30 minutes, the sheets turning among them. Then, the famous moment of unveiling happened and the impatient children could unfold their mysterious creations. As always, surprise and laugh made the appointment, and their enthused reactions were a great pleasure!