Thursday, 16 May 2013

Hello, my name is

A few weeks ago, I offered to the youth a monogram exercise. It is kind of typical graphic design training, but I was not sure of the excitement of my “creative team” for a such demand. Anyway, convinced by the validity of the proposition, we started on.

I did this monogram researches during my studies and it was a good way to comprehend the question of graphic sign, of creative process, and with its own name, I thought it would be enhancive. Moreover, after some weeks of stuck “leke” project, it was good to realize a short-term exercise in one afternoon. I was suspicious on the commercial aspect of this logo-like creation, but I reminded me the artists’ monogram like those of Dürer, and finally approached this work more as a signature’s research.

If the enthusiast was not so perceptible at the beginning, I fast noticed it was going well. After a projection of different examples –historical, classical, and some others, really interesting, famous or not–, they blacked over one or two pages of various researches. The parallel projection of types let them to see how to draw nice letters. Then, after some talk and selection, each youth launched himself in the drawing of one sign in big size – A4. Beyond the letters, each of the youth could find his own direction, different one from the other, which made me happy, it didn’t seem obvious. The big size let us to really work on the precision of the drawings, tracing over and over again the curves in order to get something else than potatos’ shape. And finally with patience and obstinacy, we got five signs, worthy of our first diploma’s realization. By hanging the pages on the wall, İI could really feel the satisfaction of the youth, and so mine. Once again, a nice adventure.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Fish & Drips

A few weeks ago –between the weekends of 13th/14th and 20th/21st April–, I had the opportunity to paint a wall in the small city of Foça, where live the parents of my roommate, Seçil. It is a small typical fishers city built around the see, one hour’s bus ride from Izmir, and with the sunny days we had, it was a perfect surrounding to paint. Actually it was my first wall in Turkey, after four months of impatience. It must be said that I weekly paint in France, so it was a great pleasure to realize this frontage of the fish market.

We did this work as a body with the youth of the association, which was both exciting and really tiring. We spent around 5 days on the wall, attended by highs and lows, but at the end, I am really happy of the result and above all, the “public” won over. Fishermen, inhabitants, bystanders, friends, tourists, the feedbacks were abundant and warmly. And still now, some people evoke to me, again and again, this “lovely” wall. A journalist even has interviewed me, and the paint sponsor, Marshall, wants us to realize other works together. Finally, beyond these great critics, it was wealthy to mix, for the first time, my abilities of illustration and my taste for graffiti on this “experimental” wall. So I will just finish by a THANK YOU to Seçil to let this adventure happen.

Ps: important point, the wall started because of the “Slow Food Festival”, which explains the fishes, vegetables and other typical Turkish food we painted!