Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Orhanlı köy

I have gone to a small village near to Izmir this thursday which is called

Another place with some houses, more green and if you are Lucky you can meet with some animals in the streets.

Anyway the speciularity of this place is it's special school.
Special because they do lessons about nature and eco life, also they produce olive oil and soap.

 I was also amazed about their hositality because they offered a 
lunch for all of us, I know this is so common in Turkey :)

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Ecological Life

Me, Secil and Acelya have been in Tangala Eco farm in Fethye (south of Turkey)

last week. It Was a great experience in the fabolous place far from the city.

Clean air, green area and hard work characterized the last days.
In the farm Buket, the owner, lives with a two beautiful dogs, a cat and some 

goats; also every year some 
volunteers come to help Her in this hard work.
The main activity was helping her to buid a new part of farm! we used a 

particoular tecnique with soil, water and straw. It Was good to see the 

costruction grow up during the days and also to learn something about "do-it-

One day we went also in the forest to do some tracking and to bring goats to 

I like this life style to contact with the nature and to live with basics things.
It Would be great if in the future Atolye Deneme to do again this experience 

maybe connected art and ecological life.

Last day we also moved around Fethye to visit first the fabolous seaside with 

crystalline water and with the mountain that climb down to the sea; after we 

moved in a litter village which name is Kayakoy. About this village my 

impression was incredulous because there is not any place like this: a ghost
village without life, around me only

remainders of house, one school and a

church, in the past was a Greek cologne, but now It survives only a little 

community with some restaurants, fruit sellers and bakers to receive the 

tourists and the children play in the streets because no cars pass throught this

crumbling village.