Friday, 28 February 2014

Hand Made!

The new activity of the last week was Hand made.
We have many things that we don't use and other that we throw away because we believe that they are useless.
So we can give a second life to these stuff with some creativity.

Buttons and cord for candlestick, cloth and colours for a pillowcase, little plastic things and nail polish for a bracelet, colored  papers and bottles's tops for a diary.

Simple, funny and free :)

Thursday, 20 February 2014


Atolye Deneme has been to the second meeting of YINFO. YINFO or Gençlik Bilgi Merkezi, is an organization which central seat is in Gaziantep, but month by month this project is diffused in more cities in Turkey. What is YINFO? YINFO builds new partenerships with individuals and organizations which are working on youth information and youth works. Some activities are: supporting personal and social development of young people, promoting active citizenship and democracy among the society, inclusion and integration activities and more.
In this second meeting there were people from different associations, everyone could propose a project or asks help to do some activities in other associations. Some example projects were about Disabled people and Woman rights. One of their objective is become bigger in Izmir and in the other cities, to diffuse it between young people.
Thanks YINFO for these good informations!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Stop Motion work in progress

I have started new workshop in Atolye Deneme. I have proposed to Buse, Aysenur, Elif and Memhet to do little spot of association, something to show people what Atolye Deneme is. I have given them only an idea to start it, then they have decided what to do. They have choosed to make a stop motion video, at the first time I have thought this technique is so difficult and we also need maybe one month to complete this work. But these teens never stop to surprise me! In three days they have made all pictures that we we have to complete to editing, and we will upload it on internet very soon!! It was so funny and they were so creative. They made all pictures without my help, I gave them only some suggestions, but I am happy to say that this video is their creation!
I always think that am I the person who teach them something, or they are the persons who teach me? 

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Photo! Photo! Photo!

I began to do a photograph workshop with Atolye Deneme last week.
The topic was "Selfportrait" but it was a different kind of selfportrait, first I asked them to personify another person, at the beginning they were so shy and confused, but after few minutes they used their imagination and Elif became Helena Bonham Carter from Fight Club movie, Buse became Edward Sciccorhands and Aysenur a mummy.
Also they experiment different techniques like black and white or to play with shadows.
In the second time I asked them to express their emotions with photos: Elif was crazy, Buse without emotions and Aysenur was angry.

I decided to start this workshop because I think is a good way to understand yourself and to think about own emotions, was also good for me to understand what they think about theirselves.
it was a special day, they were so happy to do this project and me too, my idea is to propose again this workshop in the next months to know what changes in their emotions and in their minds.

Friday, 7 February 2014


I write this post to say thanks to STGM and Hale Hanim.
Atolye Deneme had some logistics problems since I'm here.
But STGM helped us and we could use one room like our office in their association in Alsancak.
I think that is so important for Atolye Deneme and also for me: it  is good to know when you have some difficults someone helps you.

Stgm is currently working on supporting organisations and associations to do some projects and also encourage them to do something. They're also working on human rights (women, children, disability people etc.) and do some activities about it. 
You can find more information in this website 

Thanks again!

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Meeting with associations's president

Seçil, Açelya and me met with association's president  last  week
For me it was a little bit difficult because, like you know, I don't speak Turkish and  this meeting was in Turkish.
By the way after this meeting I asked about what they talked, and I realized that It was an important day, especially they spoke about Atolye Deneme and our future projects.
They also spoke about my voluntary work, and Secil and Acelya showed him new ideas for next volunteers.

Thank you to Bülent KORKMAZ