Light Painting**

        Dear readers,

      today at Atolye Deneme Sanat Dernegi we experienced the so called "Light Painting"!
It is quite exciting to realise how a photographic camera is working day by day and how many amazing things we can do by just using the light! During Light Painting by using long exposure we can control the amount of time that our shutter stays open. While the shutter is open the camera is "recording" all the light information with which we are feeding it. In the end, the motion will be captured as a photograph.

      It was a very easy and fun project to do with the children, first of all because they had the chance to practise on long exposure technic and secondly because it was actually quite fun! Since, it is too warm outside and we can't really go out and start shooting photos, we stayed at home and started the project.

  Firstly, we had to create our own dark room!!! We used almost everything, from the existing black curtains of the house, to old newspapers and cartons to prevent the light coming through the windows. After a quarter we had created our dark room, where the project would take place. 

And voila!!! We started! You can enjoy the outcome!

If you ever want to try this, you just need to follow few easy steps!
Don't think about it twice, try it and enjoy it!


1. a dark room
2. flash lights, lasers, phones
3. a camera with capacity for slow shutter speed and 
4. a stabilizer for your camera-tripod or even a table to rest the camera on


 1. Set your camera into manual mode
 2. Change your shutter speed to B for Bulb or just choose a low shutter speed.
 3. Set your ISO to 100.