Two more weeks to go

The time goes by and I'm at the end of my project, I have just two weeks left and a booked flight for Italy waiting for me in May.
This is just a consideration because I can talk about  the 'spacial thanks' in another post.
I'm sorry to not have spent a lot of time with the teenagers I worked with, two days a week are not enough; that's why I want that these last two week-ends could be more intense.
First I want to tell them more about Italy, my culture and our life style; I started this topic five months ago, through songs, movies, language lessons and food.
The good thing is that both the Italian and Turkish culture share a lot in common: we together understood our Mediterranean similarities and differences.
And of course I think we can considerate our countries neighbours!

So last week-end, followed by the teenagers’ request, we watched a old Italian movie, "Mamma Roma" .  The teenagers are very interested in cinema and I'm happy to share my countries’ cinematographic culture.

Then, according to my last project we continue with a Stop motion's video about Eco Life.
This is my last workshop with the kids I guess, I don't have too much time anymore and the elaboration of this video It is a long process.
In fact we want the video to be good for two reasons: first of all it will be in the new association's profile, actually this video should be a new presentation of Atolye Deneme about Eco Life; second of all we found a Short movie contest and the teenagers’ idea is to participate with this video.

I think the video will come out great!